Unit conversion calculators

Click on one of the buttons to expand the different sections. The conversion calcuators works both ways for every unit.

decimal ↔ binary

DEC (n10): BIN (n2):

decimal ↔ hexadecimal

DEC (n10): HEX (n16):

bytes ↔ bit

bytes (n8): bits (n1):

megabytes ↔ kilobytes


centimeter ↔ inch

In the inch input field you can use float, integer, fraction and integer plus fraction in this format: "0.5", ".5", "1", "1/2", "1+1/2" without quotes.
cm: in:

centimeter/meter ↔ feet

cm: ft:

meter ↔ yard

m: yd:

kilometer ↔ miles

km: mi:

liter ↔ gallon (US)

liter: gallon:

degrees ↔ radians

degree: radian:

speed of light ↔ meter per second

sol: m/s:

km/h ↔ m/s

km/h: m/s:

grain ↔ gram

gram: grain:

pounds ↔ kg

lb: kg:

celcius ↔ fahrenheit

°C: ℉:

horsepower ↔ kilowatt

hp: kw: